About Radcliffe Angling

Our website contains everything you need to know, such as Current Committee, the clubs constitutions which has been ratified by the NFA.
You can view our clubs rules and regulations, find membership information and see past and current projects as well as some of our accomplishments!

If you have any Queries or Questions about R A S Please contact either Club Secretary  Colin Ashby on 07950487131 or  Card Secretary  Phil Brunsden on

Subscriptions and Day Ticket Prices

Seniors:                                   £40.00
Disabled/Veterans                   £25.00
OAP's:                                    £25.00
Juniors:                                  £10.00
Night Licence                        £25.00

Day Tickets for Starmount & Red Bank Available on Bank at £5.00

Officials & Committee

President - Robert Rothwell
Chairman -  Mark Donohue 
Club Secretary - Colin Ashby
Match Secretary - Phil Brunsden
Card Secretary - Phil Brunsden
Treasurer - Colin Ashby 
Trustees - Colin Ashby, Roland Taylor 
Auditors - Ian Condron, Phil Brunsden
Committee -  Ian Condron, Roland Taylor, Keith Avery, Mick Bushby
Child Protection Officers - Shaun Miller, Sam Sajewicz
Delegates to the A.D.B - Colin Ashby, Phil Brunsden
Welfare Officer -  Roland Taylor