Match Fixtures

Senior Matches for 2020

  Franks Cup - Whitmore 'East Canal' - 3rd May

 J Wright Memorial - Bradshaws 'No 6' - 24th May

Anniversary Cup - Hall Lane 'Bessies' - 31st May

Rogers Trophy - Firtree 'Green Canal' - 7th June

N Mallallieu Trophy - Hall Lane 'Merlin' - 21st June 

Centenary Cup - Fir Tree 'New Nooky' - 28th June

Simm Trophy - Partridge 'Spey' - 12th July

H Petrie Trophy - Firtree 'New Nooky' - 19th July

Past Members - Whitmore 'East Canal' - 26th July     

S Baines Memorial - Firtree 'Green Canal' - 9th August

L Hall Trophy - Hall Lane 'Gwens' - 23rd August

Xmas Fair                            TBC

Junior Matches for 2020 - All fixtures to be held on Starmount

Eckersall Trophy -  5th May

Ringley Car Sales - 19th May

Malalaieu Trophy - 2nd June

Junior Championship - 16th June

Bostock Shield - 30th June

Junior Challenge - 7th July

Presidents Trophy - 21st July

Tow Trophy - 4th August

Winter League Matches for 2019/20

                                              Bradshaws   No7                       6th  Oct

                                            Bradshaws    No7                     20th  Oct

                                             Bradshaws   No6                        3rd  Nov

                                             Bradshaws   No6                     17th   Nov

                                             Bradshaws   No6                     15th  Mar

                                             Bradshaws   No6                    29th   Mar

                                             Bradshaws   No7                      5th   Apr

                                              Partridge 'Ribbon'                 19th   April